Monday, May 3, 2010

Farmgirls on the Loose in Prosser

Amanda (Firemama) drove Ms. Daisy (me-kpaints) down to Prosser for our Farmgirls on the Loose weekend. Thanks a bunch, Amanda!
Meeting up with Heather in Cheney, just before heading out.

Gracie (Katmom) setting up her cute 'Scottie' after we arrived on the river in Prosser.

Heather's 1947 trailer.

Rene' Groom's new (old) vintage trailer (The Back 40) that she so graciously lent to me for the weekend! Thanks, so so much Rene', I had an absolute blast!!!! She has done her trailer up in a cute Roy Rogers/Dale Evans movie theme. She and the Prosser Farmgirls put together this wonderful weekend at Nancy Bender's beautiful home on the river. More pictures to come.


  1. Did we have fun or What!!!!
    I need to get my "boothay" in gear & post pic's too!
    Oh, & we need to see a copy of the pic rene took of us at the Bronze statue! wink wink!
    Ok back to the real world & daily it May 2011 yet! 'cuz I am so ready to go back for round two of Prosser on the Loose! lol!

  2. It was a total blast and yes, I too am already for round two!!! I will have Trailer Trash all done by then!

  3. Just love your trailers....hope you had fun...

  4. So glad that you guys came.. what a blast.. I will need two weeks to recover.

  5. So glad you all had a wonderful time. My trailer will be hitched up for the next one.


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