Monday, June 7, 2010

Farm Chick purchases

I've been waiting, looking hunting and looking some more for a kitchen scale....and there it was, just the colors I was looking for....look great in the kitchen.
I found this very old and rusty baking powder tin ......

And added some art work via, what do you think? Thanks, Bev, for the link and tutorial! I am having fun now.

Last but not least THE enamelware from Czechoslovakia. It came in tons of wonderful colors and I got the sage and red with white. Love it, goes in my vintage trailer. I believe this was made in the early 40's and was ransomed from an East Indian warehouse. If you are interested check out the site, really nice guy. Serena (Farm Chick, extraordinaire) ran into this couple awhile back, loved their stuff and invited them to the show.


  1. I have that very exact scale..use it all the time. The enamel ware is what I would like to see...I read Serena's post about it and just swooned over it..thanks for the link..will check them out...

  2. I love it....

  3. Ooooh, the possibilities are endless with the Graphics Fairy!! Have fun. The tin looks awesome. The scale is my color!!

    I am looking for one with a brass use as a fruit bowl. My kitchen is decorated with kitchen scales. Love em!!

    Glad you had a good time at the Farm wish I could have gone!

  4. I saw the guy's booth w/the enamalware...but the crowds was just so thick that I could not navigate my way over so I gave up.
    But...I did score! Rene spotted & stood gaurd over a 1934 mixer for me till I was able to get over there...Thank Goodness for cell phones! lol!

  5. Great finds. Love the color of Green on the scale.

    Thanks for coming by

    I need to look and see where Cheney Wash is.
    I'm in Oregon.
    Just had some gals come from south eastern wash to visit the store. soooo fun!!

    barbara jean


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