Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Thriftin’ Time Tuesdays

       thrifting 005

My friend, Sharon and our daughters, Kim and Tracy, went off to Stateline, Idaho for a large indoor garage sale on Saturday.  We got out of the rain and here are a few fun things I found.  This old metal box was 2.50.

 thrifting 007

I just had to have all this patina!  The all brass faucet was 1.50!

  thrifting 006


There is a faint design on the top of the box, not sure what it is.

  thrifting 009 

   thrifting 011

A few more treasures, an old Prince Albert tin, a short ruler and a wonderful old box, all for $8.

  thrifting 012


thrifting 014

Both sides of this box have such interesting patina!  And check out the bottom!  I live in the town of Cheney and apparently this box just had to come home…I never even noticed this when I bought it.  

       thrifting 015

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  1. Looks like clamshells on the top of that tin box. Great finds girl!! Wasn't that fun? Dean and I are going back on the 13th.

  2. Great finds.Love them all!

  3. Oh my goodness Karen, fabulous patina going on here with all your goodies. I love that wood box, you know it was meant to be yours. Awesome metal box!!

  4. What wonderful treasures you found...love all of them!! What a great way to spend a rainy day!!!
    Have a great week and a Happy Easter!!

  5. Wow...what great finds Karen!!!!

  6. You get the best antiques and finds out there! It seems the East coast and the West coast have the best. The midwest must be where they decided to get rid of their "junk" that was weighing down the wagon not only that but nowadays here, they charge an arm and a leg....no deals like you and Nancy Jo get. Those are wonderful items and right up my alley too! You were meant to have that box for sure! That was a great sale and you got some great things! Congrats! A great way to spend a rainy day.

  7. I am so teased at work, if it's old and rusty June will love it! Yes, I love that metal box!!!! I agree that wood box was met to come home. We could get in so much trouble if we live closer, my pocket book is shuttering! But you got some great bargains, way to go! Here's to the rest of the week being dry, ha-ha-ha!!

  8. You always find the neatest stuff.

  9. Love the old box. Ring ring.... Do you have prince Albert in a can? Let him out!


  10. Wow! Great finds! Old boxes are just wonderful!

  11. Great stuff! I love thrifting...All us thrifters should meet sometime for a thrifting outing :)

  12. Your metal box is amazing. You found some great stuff. We need an indoor garage sale around here, the outside ones haven't kicked into gear yet!

  13. LOVE your finds! Visiting from White Wednesday.

  14. Yeah Karen, I got ya back! LOL! Thanks ... love all your vintage finds and your beautiful pictures could be in a magazine! Happy Easter!

  15. haha! how & where did you find that "photo" of me! lolol!

    The image on the metal box is a clamshell & flowers, and shells & florals were popular in the victorian era... how ever,, it might have been a decal, saved and applied years later... who knows,,, but what fun to snoop & research it's history.

  16. Karen, Love your finds. Is that old wooden box what they used to call a cheese box?
    What was the old joke "do you have Prince Albert in a tin?" or some such dumbness.
    Love the old brass knob, too. what finds! xo, Cheryl

  17. You always seem to find the most interesting things......and not only do you find them you know exactly how to make them into something special! (Glad you got the blog back!)

  18. Love that metal box and what a price! Had to laugh at the Prince Albert in the can . . . old phone prank joke memories :)

  19. Love love your box....and all your other treasures too.
    Those are all things I would have snagged up.

    blessings and Happy Easter.



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