Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Looking for a Fire Hydrant.....

Hi, I'm Dash, I have posted here before and felt that I needed to touch paws with you, again. I am feeling low, I am so bored....... We never do anything around here! I mean, I love my Mommie and all but I can only search the yard for cat poo, just so many times.

Like, when is it going to stop raining, so we can get out and play? I love the feel of the wind through my fur, the birds attacking me from the trees, and chasing the cats away from our property.

I actually did get a little excitment last night, it might have been midnight, as we had just been in bed for a short time. I knew it....I knew there was something in the yard! I had to get Mommie's attention...she needed to know 'they' were out there! But she just would not move.....she just laid there! I mean, 'come on' this is important....I am saving your a....opps, (I bet Mommie will proof read this). I'd better clean up my messes!

Anyway, back to last night...she just wouldn't get out of bed and check it out, so I did the only thing I could do. I laid next to her on the pillow to protect her....then I moved down over her feet, that way nothing could get to her while she slept. I guess it all comes down to 'serve, protect and love' and put up with the 'day to day' boring poo! Opps, do you think I should clean up my mess? Thanks, for listening, fans! Licks!!!! Hummm, I think I'll head to the bathroom, I'm thirsty!


  1. A very cute post and puppy is adorable. I had a big smile on my face when reading about the cat 'poo'...., our Casey thinks of this as a delicacy..... YUK....

  2. Who says dogs can't talk..don't we just love them? Sometimes my MollieDog says the strangest things!


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