Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Smart Tips Tuesday

Five Smart and Simple Ways to Pack a Waste-Free Lunch

Yes/ No

Reusable carrier, lunch box or cloth bag /No throw away bags

Reusable containers/ No plastic wrap, foil or styrofoam

Thermos for drinks/ No single-use cartons or cans

Cloth napkin /No paper napkins

Silverware to wash and reuse /No plastic forks or spoons

The best way to reduce garbage is to not create it. (source: Environmental Forum of Marin

Here's what I used for lunch when I went to work, you can even see the paint all over it!


  1. Good post..like you say the best thing to do is not use disposable in the first place ...I don't think people think about what it takes to recycle something...there is a lot of checmicals and energy used to recycle water bottles etc...my weakness is paper towels...I am trying to use less and less..

  2. Oh you're so right..... we need to use items that aren't throw away. We are really a throw away society, and we need to change....... I'm trying, but it's hard.

  3. Thanks for the comments! I did away with paper towels some time ago (I use my homemade cotton dishcloths) and no more garbage pickup for me! I compost, recycle and have one small bag of garbage, once a month. A friend takes it in his dumpster for his apartments.


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