Wednesday, July 28, 2010

This little piggy….

…was a gift from my friend, Sharon. She was using one when we were making cards on Monday and I thought it was just the cutest…so she popped out another one, just for me! Super cute, huh? Great for gluing all those little projects, as it is covered with Formica.

And the beautiful bouquet of lavender, was a gift from Grace (aka Katmom @ MJ’s), which I got at a coffee meet with several other farmgirls, Amanda, Brenda, and Heather. We all got one!!! Thanks so much, Grace!gifts 002 gifts 007 And this is the card I made for the August card swap at MaryJane’s Farm. I just love seed packets and old seed catalogs so this was a super fun project.

gifts 008


  1. Always happy to share a pig with a friend. They are my favorite little animals (next to you, of course!) hee hee

  2. Love your Little Piggy, and your card is Beautiful. Gluing on that piggy will make your clean up so much easier.

    Have a good day.....

  3. The piggy is so cute and will be very useful too.

    Love that lavender!

  4. What fun cards...

    I miss your water buffalo

  5. Ok, maybe the buffalo can come back this fall...:)


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