Sunday, August 22, 2010

Where are we?

barns 030

The great Northwest?barns 032

Or could this be the Midwest?barns 033

Alaska? barns 036

barns 029

Nope! You are in the amazing world of Cabelas, eat your heart out guys! This is the brand new store at Stateline, Idaho. I got to visit with my friend, Sharon on Friday and was totally amazed. There were many sections throughout the store (which is gigantic) like this one, with stuffed animals and even a huge tank of nice large fish. Oh, and for all you hunters, tons of clothing, weapons and gear. barns 028 barns 039 Oh, and another thing you would like the restaurant, it serves several kinds of game! Yes, game! We had a wonderful lunch…. fish and chips…!



  1. WOW..that must be your second Cabelas in Idaho? We have one Phoenix we go to every now and then..kind of always overwhelming to me...too much stuff! But my hubby loves it of course...

  2. I knew it was Cabella's after the first pic. You just gotta love that store. I might like it even better without all the dead animals around!!!!


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