Monday, August 23, 2010

Gates and Doors

barns 058 I think, I have a thing for doors…I am always taking pictures of them.  These first two belong to the little casa I photographed last Friday.

barns 056

barns 061 It can’t get any better than this!  Love the old door knob, matter of fact, I have these same ones in my 100 + year old house.  Look at that rust, look at that shabby paint job….love it!

barns 059

barns 014And last, but not least, my favorite, raw unpainted wood!  I love the stains, the knot holes, the water damage, the cracks, the fungus…..I want it all!


  1. As always, great pics missy!

    by the by...saw T.T.'s body parts on C.L.,,,,sad day in the 'hood'...I still have not told my GVR yet about T.T.'s demise!

  2. Forget the doors..... it's your header picture with the gorgeous horses that turned my head.....the doors are okay, but the horses... Wow!

  3. I almost didn't take that picture, there was a white and brown spotted horse there when I first went by and I passed up the shot. When I came back he was gone...but I took it anyway. Glad I did, if it brings you smiles.

  4. i love doors too, your photos are so beautiful!!


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