Friday, October 15, 2010

Kitchen Island!!!!!

I have always wanted an island in my kitchen. When I redesigned my current kitchen redo, I tried every which way… get an island! But the shape of the kitchen…wide but long just did not lend itself to that glorious addition. Bummer!

But look, things have changed and behold….a kitchen island!

m 002

So you want to know, 'where is the island'? It’s right there…that’s as close to one as I will ever get! I had my carpets cleaned yesterday and had no where to put the furniture. After getting it in there and walking around the perimeter, I felt like I had an island in my kitchen and was somewhat relieved that I did not, It’s a long way around it to the sink and then back to the stove…etc. Ha! So much for that big dream!

m 001

Getting the carpets cleaned is a lot of work! I am dead….all that extra cleaning that I never see ( if you don’t see it, it’s not there, right?), heavy moving, pitching (stuff, where does all this STUFF…come from? Oh, yeah, the thrift stores…!!!) Hummm, I suppose that means I should cut back on my excursions, but that is less exercise! And since I am not cleaning all the time, I need that! Right?


  1. That kitchen island is looking at the glass "half~full". Just like you.

  2. well....anything goes now days. *wink*

    it is disruptive to have your home worked on in any way.

    soon things will be back to normal, huh?

  3. hahaha! & don't ya dare cut back on your thrifting & junktiqing trips! lol!


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