Saturday, October 16, 2010

Driving Ms Daisy…


That’s what I did for the first time last night…meet Ms Daisy!   Yes, she is indeed a trailer, a 1969 Shasta 1400 (which must indicate the length) and I drove her home myself!!!!  And the most amazing part, I backed her up!!!! 

She is road ready, not the prettiest inside but I know how to remedy that.  I found her in Post Falls, Idaho.  She was donated to the Boy Scouts and has not been used in two years.

ms daisy 018

Of course, Dash needed to check it out!ms daisy 015

Unfortunately, her ‘wings’ are missing.  The screw holes are up there near the rear so I guess I will have to find some or make some.  ‘Cause they just make this trailer.

ms daisy 001

Her roof is just perfect, has a slight slope for water run off…..(thank you so much).

ms daisy 005 

Not real sure where this decorating scheme comes from….I really think this is more 80’s.  So that will get redone and of course, new curtains and a paint job.  Dash thinks this might be a comfy place to perch.

ms daisy 007

I love this part…the kitchen is up front!  There are two double beds in the back as you can see and there was a third above the back end.  It was turned into a cupboard.  I will probably modify that.

ms daisy 008 

And behind door #2…a bathroom!  Sweet!ms daisy 011

It is already freezing here, so I won’t get an opportunity to try her out this year but she rides like a dream and seems super stable.  She’s a bit wider and taller than Trailer Trash, and has a lot more room inside.   And in much better condition, too.  “Course she is 10 years newer too.

So Happy Trails to me!!!!   Until we meet again!  (Shortly, as I will keep you posted on my ‘spiff up’ process.)  :)


  1. Great "before" pictures. Can't wait to see what you'll do to spruce her up.

  2. Oh Karen.... you just amaze me with all that you do!!!.....
    Your puppy, Dash.... is so cute, and looks like she's going to love this new vacation equipment....
    I can't wait to see the finished product..... after you've redone the interior ... to your satisfaction.....

  3. Karen,,,this is going to be grand when you get done with her...she looks solid..take lots of pics so we can follow along...Arizona is beautiful in late April?? you should be good to go...

  4. What's not to love,,,it's a cutie of a trailer & I see many Glamping trips in your future....
    And I think Dash gives it 3 paws up!
    Happy trailes to you too!

  5. Oh I am green. Green with trailer envy. You lucky gal!!!!


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