Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Monster or?

lunch 008 lunch 007

No, it is not a one eyed, ‘one horned, flying purple people eater’ even though it has some purple! It’s not really a purse either. It is a lunch tote! Foam insulated, too. How cute is that? I just love it! My daughter gave this to me, so I can carry my snacks in the car. I was just diagnosed pre-diabetic and need to eat every two hours to balance my blood sugar. This is the perfect solution and it sure beats those ugly thermos’ boxes.

lunch 005

It measures approximately 11” by 12”, a perfect size!


  1. I love your bag...and I am wondering where you can get that foam stuff too but I am sure if you use that insul brite and quilt it....that will work good too, and then use that vnyl...so cute

  2. Your new header picture is beautiful!!!!
    Great purse it will go with anything....


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