Sunday, October 24, 2010

Less than $5 including tax!


fire 003

Yes, that’s right….less than $5 for a wonderful large old scrapbook (my daughter loved that one), some wooden boxes, an old metal flashlight, old ruler, 1970’s  Crochet Book, a hot pot (for the trailer) and the best thing….a porcelain lined thermos!!!!  It even has the original rubber ring and inside cap!  And that thermos is heavy!  I am using it, the hot pot (holds about 2-3 cups), flashlight, and the misc. boxes for the ‘new’ old trailer.

So I made a date to thrift again next Wednesday with my friend, Sharon.  Hope I do as well, that day!


  1. hey girl, have fun on Wed....score some big finds for me too! lol!
    As for the coffee/hotpot, the can be spray painted very easily to match the color of your trailer...I have painted 2 of them for my trailers & I luv using them too!

  2. Okay ... so where did you get that load of goodies?

  3. great!!!
    love that wooden ruler!!

  4. Hey.... all those items look very familiar to me.....
    Thrift shopping with a good friend sounds like fun ....


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