Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Something put a Smile on my Face…


It was just one of those kind of days….dark and dreary outside and boring inside. Even Dash was feeling it. Until I said, “Let’s get out of here! Do you want to go to the Post Office with me? “ And Dash said…..P1080666 (in begging mode) please, please, please take me with you! ‘Ok, I get it, you want to come with me!”

P1080668 And I could never say “no” when you look at me like that!”P1080669 Are you sure you are taking me? Ok, I am heading to the back door to make sure….P1080671 Do you see the smile on his face? Well, I also have one on my face….now! Look what I got in the mail! P1080672I won this over at a few days ago! Lucky me! Thanks so much, Nancy Jo, I love it all. I am really going to have fun with the stamps and wonderful little cutouts in my card making! Lots of fun lace, buttons, sachets, rick rack (love it), and a real cute salt and pepper shaker….bunny and baby chick. And it all came wrapped up in a super delicious box! Stop on over at Nancy Jo’s if you get a chance…she’s the Queen of Thrift!P1080674 Oh, and BTW, Dash is happy …when Mommy is happy! Very SMART dog!


  1. Look at all those goodies..that should keep you busy for a while! And the!

  2. Doesn't this make the second time you've won something at that site? Hmmmmm? Seems there is more than luck involved. lol

  3. Oh, come on you spoilsport!!! You are just jealous! I am just starting to get lucky!

  4. HI karen,
    Glad you liked everything, love putting those boxes together. If postage wasn't so high I would do a lot more giveaways.
    Most of all I'm glad this made puppy happy.
    Nancy Jo

  5. What a wonderful giveaway. I'd be having so much fun with all those goodies. Dash is the cutest little fluffy guy. Our pups are always so happy to just be with us; a simple ride in the car can make their day.

  6. hey K,
    I can see you smiling now!
    And as for Dashypoo...he is so beyound cute....when's he gonna come visit me?

  7. Dash sounds like our Casey....loves to go with us where-ever we go. Your little Dash is so pretty!!

    Wow, what a neat box of goodies you won....lucky you!
    Happy weekend!


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