Saturday, January 29, 2011

What’s Your Gadget?

Many of us spend a lot of time in our cars, so many of us have some of the very latest vehicle gadgets.  With these great little devices everyone can enjoy the ride!  My car is 9 years old and is my first new car (thanks, Mom and Dad!).  So naturally, I was surprised at some of the gadgets available in the newer cars.  Why I was just thrilled to get out of my work truck (only vehicle) and find a new luxury waiting for me….why windshield wipers that actually work right!  Wow!  And movable buckets seats!  Room in the rear seat!  Power windows and roof!  But my absolute favorite is cruise control!  Yes, a simple basic thing, makes me happy!  I live in the country so I drive a lot of distance drives…..and I use it all the time.

I thought I would check out what other gadgets might be out there….and I found some real sweet ones!  Most of these gadgets can expand the capabilities of your car, in ways you could never imagine.imagesCAF9OCMI

Now why are the Simpsons here?…well, I just thought this might have been one of the first gadgets…ever!  Seatbelts.  (We didn’t have them when I started driving in the 60’s!)

gpsmap1 Now I know many of you have these….GPS!  Wonderful for those lost souls…who are navigationally challenged.  led-car-plate-billboard-let-other-motorists-know-what-youre-thinking

Talk about personal license plates…these can have any personal message you want…your own private LED billboard!  You can tell the person behind you to slow down or put a little more distance between you or you can just wish everyone a nice day.  (Here comes trouble!)  lol  l-car-gadgets-retails-personalize-led-license-plate-holder-with-12v-car-battery-781-84New BLOW rear sensor informs you about obstacles in a distance of 2 meters from your bumper!  I like this one!  No more backup accidents!


And you may already know about the rain sensing windshield wipers and keyless ignition; heated seats, reverse parking sensors and cameras, electronic crumble zones (keeping constant distance between cars and when it determines there could be a problem…100% braking power), and now the MFC Bluetooth that starts your car, has keyless entry, panic alarm, opening and closing windows and engine diagnostics!  Whew!  bluetooth-car-starter

I guess I am going to get an education if I get another car in the future!  I sure wouldn’t mind having those heated seats, though!                                                     10Taur_cloth_seat

What’s your favorite gadget in your car?  Or are you wishing for a new gadget?squba-car

One last note, remember all those James Bond movies with special effects under water…well, here it is for real! 


  1. Yeah ... but can you play cassette tapes in it? I can (lol)

  2. my favorite in the big truck is the thermometer and the compass...I wish I had cruise control in my little truck (which is what I drive all the time)

  3. p.s. looks like you fixed your comment location problem....looks good!

  4. I love my car gadgets, but my very favorite is my new GPS that my sweet/wonderful neighbor 'gave' me. I told her about getting lost in Houston....and she buys me a GPS....friends are so wonderful!


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