Monday, January 24, 2011

Yes, there are benefits …

P1080617 to getting old!!!  And this is it!!!!   Grandchildren!

It has been difficult to capture any pictures of Grayson in a long time…he is always on the move!  But I got fortunate this weekend.  Can you believe those eyes?

P1080629        Little girls watch out!!!  Get ready Daddies!P1080620

P1080628   My friend, Sharon, gave me a Bling Jar for Christmas full of little play things.  Grayson loved it.  Maybe he will create beautiful jewelry one day.P1080635 P1080639 P1080643 Learning to twist….one way and then the other…P1080644We had a wonderful time, danced to Grand Ole’ Opry type music (Daddy would kill me!) and we laughed the whole time, played fetch and tug of war with Dash and skipped naps….ah, the benefits of being a grandma!  Ain’t it grand?


  1. Beautiful beautiful boy! How do you keep from oversqueezing him?

  2. I don't...he got so many kisses this weekend, he probably won't want to see me again for awhile! lol

  3. Those eyes and that hair!!..woo hoo...He definitely looks like an artist in the making! When you have time click on Country Mouse Tales on my sidebar...she has Jack...what a cutie he is also !

  4. OMG, Grayson is just precious!!! What an adorable little guy, Grammie!!!!

  5. OK...I just feel sorry for the hearts he might break once he's a teen-ager!!!! LOL

    He truly is a beautiful child!

  6. I so agree w/you...our grandbabies are the best!

  7. such handsome and sweet boy!!
    I think you must be a very great granny!!

  8. So precious! Grandkids are the very best thing about getting older. Funny when they are around I don't feel old at all.

  9. Oh my gosh.... those beautiful brown eyes and curly hair.... he's so adorable!!!
    The blessings of grandchildren.... thank you God!


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