Monday, April 4, 2011

Down Mexico Way

Last October I found a 1969 Shasta 1400 vintage trailer to replace ‘Trailer Trash’, that was lost in a wind storm. It was late in the year and all I was able to do before bad weather set in, was get her, Ms Daisy (for Driving Ms. Daisy), cleaned up. (She needs a new name, any ideas?)

I found some really fun fabrics that I have been making into curtains. My theme….Down Mexico Way. I am part of a group of Mary Jane’s Farmgirls, known as ‘Farmgirls on the Loose’ who will be meeting up this summer in Washington, Idaho, Montana and other parts. We have never met but we are ‘sisters’ and I am so looking forward to meeting my online Farmgirl sisters!

cowgirl 009

I found four coordinating fabrics, some for curtains, some for pillows.

cowgirl 003

Just a little hint of what I have planned for the interior!

miss 013

I love mixing patterns so the curtains for the main dining/ sleeping areas will have these curtains with three prints.

miss 036

miss 034

miss 029

What do you think of that groovy upholstery fabric from the 70’s-80’s? I have a lot of work to do! Painting is next but I have to wait for this lousy weather to warm up to at least 55. So next on my list? Doing something with that lovely upholstery!


  1. Those curtains are just adorable. Can't wait to see the inside all done up bright and shiny. Take me along. I'll sleep on the floor!

  2. Absolutely! There's plenty of room...two huge beds.

  3. Oh how I wish I knew how to sew! It would make everything so much easier. I LOVE the material..of course...I love the is going to look so good! You are going to have fun...

  4. ohhh I would love have a trailer like yours!!

    love all your finds and your courtains!!

  5. Oh Karen, those fabrics are so yummy and I love all the accessories also. She's going to be a beauty when you're finished; should be warming up enough soon. This trip sounds like so much fun.

  6. What beautiful colors! How about "Shasta Rojo" (red Shasta)? "Shasta la Roja Feliz" (the happy red Shasta)? "Dama de Rojo" (lady in red)? "La Belleza Mexicana" (Mexican beauty)? "El Globo Rojo" (the red balloon)? I love that movie from many years ago! "The Big Red Balloon"! You can fly away in your red balloon!

  7. Pure PERFECTION!!!! I love the all that you chose. You will be sittin' pretty. Sounds like an awesome trip you will have.

    dose it have a potty? I hope you will show more of the inside when you are finished.

  8. How about naming the trailer Miss Marijuana (Mary Jane in Spanish)! LOL

    Seriously, I really like the bright colorful fabrics you're using to doll it up.

  9. Love the curtains!!! GREat job. Oh no....there goes that trailer envy again! Dang!

  10. I LOVE your fabric choices! I can't wait to see each set decking out your new baby! I love all your teases on the decor too!

    Have a blast preparing for your sister trip! So fun!


  11. Looks like you are going to have alot of fun fixing up this the fabrics.

  12. Wish i could be part of your group! Hey, maybe yall could come this way one day?!?! I love seeing the photos from that group!! Id love to do that one day! I have many good travel and trailer memoriea going all over america and across canada... One day....
    Well, i sure do love your fabrics and few hint from your decor that you gave us! Wish i were closer, id help ya!

    Oh, that cemetary below is so precious! I love old ones also. Very much. I always wonder who the people were, what their stories are... Life then...
    Cute little houses too! Im happy to find someone who is still so young at heart. I have a lot of kid still left in me too!!!!
    The older i get, the more it comes out! :)

  13. Could you do a play on the "Cindo de mayo"? When is your birthday? Or the day its finished... Just an idea.
    Change the date, whatever it is, to spanish.

    Baja Bound!

  14. You could call her "Rosalita"
    (Bruce springstein song) and sounds sassy. Lol

  15. I love the happy, colorful material!!! Oh what fun you're going to have fixing up your trailer and going on your trip!
    Sounds like a bit of heaven to me...


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