Sunday, April 3, 2011

Super Simple Sundays


amanda 014

I am not sure why I am drawn to cemeteries…  There is a sense of peace and tranquility, almost like a church.  A reverence.  A simple stark beauty.

                                                 amanda 028


amanda 032


                    amanda 045


amanda 038


amanda 008


                                          amanda 021

Many of these photos were taken in a children’s cemetery in Spokane, WA.


  1. Beautiful pictures, but made me sad to think it is childrens' cemetery.

    Sunday blessings
    barbara jean

  2. I had to say when I saw the one that looks like a chair....that will be on mine if I bring one more chair home!

  3. Karen, we need to visit them again soon. The grass is very green and the colors are standing out now more than ever .Miss you! !

  4. I am not one for new cemeteries, but I do love to read the headstones in the old many children did not make it through childhood. Thank God tis not the case these days!


"Life is a big canvas, and you should throw all the paint on it you can." Danny Kaye

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