Friday, April 15, 2011

Meet my Girls!

v @chicks 009

Big Brother watching out.

v @chicks 015

This is Eleanor (Roosevelt)-3 days old (born on my birthday!).

v @chicks 016 (600x800)

Amelia (Earhart) and Rosa (Parks)….my girls!

v @chicks 017

v @chicks 021

Big Brother, Dash, is a little skittish and yet very interested. He goes in the room to check on them, all by himself (yes, I am watching him like a hawk!). I have been watching and talking to my girls….nonstop!I


  1. I just want to cup one of them in my hands. They look so soft and cuddly. Hope Dash doesn't feel the same way!

  2. Aww, they look great! Ok,so you have them in the need to put the heat lamp any closer. For the first week it should be about 90 - 95 degrees for them. You can reduce the temp by 5 degrees every week. Something to consider....your wash tub will heat up and hold the heat some, so make sure it is not getting too warm for them. Otherwise looks like you have yourself the starts of a lovely henhouse!! Congrats!!!! They are adorable and I love the names!!

  3. How adorable! Dash is too! What a fun new endeavor! I love the names! Have fun!

  4. Oh my goodness, it's happening... I am so happy for you. I know you will be like a new mom, I can see you sitting out with the babies teaching them the ropes.

    How long will it be before they start to lay eggs?

    Oh, Dash is too cute!!!

  5. OH! I forgot, I love the names you chose for them.

  6. They don't produce eggs for 6 months or so. Seems like a long time but oh, that first egg!

    Thanks for the kudos, everyone!

  7. Oh they are soo cute!!!
    barbara jean

  8. Oh Karen.... they're so cute!!!!!

  9. They are so adorable. And I love the names you picked out for them. My dog used to sit and stare at the guinea pig constantly, but now they are buddies.

  10. Oh how adorable! And I just love that Dash has to check it out. Animals are so much fun. Visiting from Pet Parade.


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