Saturday, April 16, 2011

My Newest Girl

gift 003

Meet the latest addition to Karen’s Koop! Yes, isn’t she just outrageous? I almost died laughing when I opened up this package from my dear friend, Bev, at !!! Get a load of this adorable purse!! Totally one of a kind! Thanks so much, Bev….I don’t deserve it but I love it! A rubber chicken in the most usable form!!! lol

Just a little aside, Amelia (Earhart) has indeed lived up to her namesake. She flew the coop today, while I was gone. I heard a lot of squawking when I came home, only to find her on the floor outside her wash tub! She is only a few days old, I think I am in trouble!

chicks 010 Here she is on the left…..’all we have to do to get out of here is……’ plotting another getaway!


  1. OMGosh..if that purse isn't the cutest thing ever!! And you DO deserve it! Might have to put some chicken wire on top of that tub to keep them from flying the coop...

  2. Seeing your chicks brings back such fond memories.....

    What a purse!!!

  3. Oh my what a fun bag! Reminds me of going to millions of antique stores with my mom.

  4. Oh my.... I just looked down and saw your precious little Dash looking in the tub.... that's the sweetest thing!!!

    Now 'that's a purse'..... an unusual purse....very cute!

    I can see it and feel that you're really doing this 'chicken coop' thing..... you're going to have so much fun!


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