Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Weekend with Sisters on the Fly

          mig 013  

It was a gorgeous weekend, with a fantastic hostess….Mignon,

               mig 018 

a beautiful setting….

mig 017  What more could we want…..

            mig 016 

                            mig 020 

 mig 022  Some vintage trailers….all glamped up!  And lots of friends!  Lots of great food….a few garage sales thrown in and you’ve got a perfect weekend.

    mig 028 

                         mig 030 


mig 031 

 mig 033  Flowers everywhere at Juli’s place!  And there’s Bonnie, checking them out.

          mig 036  

A slightly more rusty vintage trailer.

  mig 038 

Here’s Toni and Deeann enjoying the Mexican Fiesta put on by our host and hostess, Mark and Mig. Homemade Margarita’s and ‘to die for’, Fish Tacos!! 

        mig 043 

Here’s Mig and her Mom, being BAD!

   mig 039   

              mig 040 

Leave it to Mig to find some fake mustaches in her house!!! 

   mig 048  The real banditos, Juli, Toni, and Deeann. 

                  mig 037 

Someone got me, too!  Harmless, right?




  1. Oh, looks like a good time was had by all and I like your vest you are wearing.

    Looks like the weather was pretty too. Oh those campers are awesome! I still hope one day I can have one.

  2. Makes me wish I was 10-15 years younger. I'd have me a sweet trailer too. Happy for you my friend. Take it all in; enjoy the adventures.

  3. Is it possible to have too much fun?

  4. Well bummer! I didn't make it, darn crudy cold,,,but next time for sure....hmmm, maybe a "G.C.#3 " at karen's? it could happen, certainly enough room for trailers to park! hint hint!
    hugz & p.s. I am getting over my vertigo, slowly.... uugghh!

  5. i always did like the smaller gatherings...hmmmm maybe do next year...thinking about it.

  6. What great fun this looks like to me!

  7. So sweet... looks like fun was had by all..

  8. Oh Karen, the pictures show a magically fun time!!
    Fish tacos and favorite!
    The petunias are so pretty.....
    You're looking good!

  9. Oh, what a fun time that must have been. I am so glad you got Miss Daisy up and running in time for all of these fun trips this summer!!!!

  10. Looks to me as though you all had a blast. The vintage trailers look so cute. Makes me want to paint mine up.

  11. Me ancantan como salieron tan divertidas en las fotos son maravillosas!!!!! Hollywod se pierde unas super estrellas !!!! Vero


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