Saturday, June 15, 2013

Road Kill Find….

flowers 005


Now don’t panic…it’s not what you think….no real road kill here…just a little surprise.  The road kill here….that metal vase!  What! you say….yes, I was walking in the woods, with my buddy, Dash.


  flowers 007


We just walked upon some road kill…as simple as that.  I picked it and now…I have a beautiful dented vase. 


flowers 009


I am having more fun with my camera, less manipulation after the photo…I work to get it right….the first time. 



  1. You always get it right the first time. Your photos are absolutely spot on!

  2. Looks great..?an old water pitcher? Love the peonies. Ours are done now..

  3. A good find for sure...and the flowers are extra pretty in it.

  4. For the past year this is the only way I acquire something new to me....for free or if i find it somewhere....makes it more fun!

  5. Love the vase. Your photos are top rate!!!
    xo Kris

  6. Awesome find. Love the color of the flowers. And, it is so green. Unlike the desert right now. Have a great weekend.

  7. I wonder if someone is missing this vase, maybe it fell off their moving truck? IN anycase, it has a great home and will no doubt support many garden delights.

    HELLO! DID you get a new camera or are you taking a course? You always display beautiful photos but I like the fact you stated, you do not have to manipulate them so much now....tell, what are you doing new?

    1. Thanks, Tammy, I am just spending a little more time cropping them with the camera, rather than later with the computer. Same camera I have been using, it's about a year old, a panasonic lumix.

  8. Thank you for visiting me!
    Your peonies are stunning!

  9. Do I ever like finding road kill. That pitcher is wonderful filled with peonies!!!

  10. What a fun surprise, and a perfect way to display your beautiful blooms.

  11. Great photos....and the pitcher is a fab find!


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