Tuesday, February 21, 2012

What Can I Say…

I saw a robin last week….

it snowed in the afternoon. 

I whined….

It melted.

I bought bulbs…

it snowed again.

It’s still February…

It snowed last night.

I give.

snow 025





  1. Oh darn. It can't last too much longer though!!! Spring is around the corner! Will you be getting any more chicks this spring? I am!!!

  2. typical cycle here in ND! but I have learned to abandon all hope until.....May for these parts!

  3. Spring is just playing with us, I know your feeling, I am whinning too.

    I got potting soil to start your hollyhocks you gave me but I need some sun to warm the dirt. Looks like those plans are on hold as we are to get colder weather next week.

    Losing battle.

  4. You are not alone, karen,,,I too am doing my fair share of whining!
    I did see my 1st Robin of the year, yesterday, sitting on my clothes line,,,big fat thing he was too!
    Oh & by-the-by...I gotz a little sumptin fer ya! hee heehee! should cheer ya up!

  5. What can you say? It's hard not to get anxious for spring though!
    We have more cold and snow than we have had all winter now.

  6. Spring will be here....hang in there!!! And if you can't take it, come visit me...it seems that Spring is coming very early here. My daffodils are up in my front pasture!

  7. I'll trade weather with you for a few days, OK?

  8. Hi KAREN,
    There you are, I couldn't figure out the google thing, but then I hit the right place.
    Thank you for your kind comments on my site regarding my Mother in law. We are back on track now, was a very up and down week.
    Your girls all look so fit and pretty.
    Nancy Jo


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