Thursday, February 23, 2012

Galvanized Nesting Boxes

            eggs 001

It’s sure been an easy winter, much warmer and almost no snow.  That may be why my girls, Eleanor Roosevelt, Rosa Parks and Amelia Earhart, have been laying eggs almost daily.  I have gotten some eggs every day, probably, an average of two and a half. 

My dog, Dash gets one almost every day.  He loves them.  I do leave lights on, for about 14 hours a day and I believe that has helped production. I love the galvanized nesting boxes, they have stayed so clean!  They have a tray on the bottom of each side but I haven’t had to clean them yet.  I just fluff up the pine shavings and lavender, every week or so.

eggs 002 

Isn’t it cute how they all hatch in the same nesting box?


hens 005 

They just love to free range, especially when there isn’t any snow.

   eggs 003 

Here’s where I got my nesting boxes…love them!


  1. Clean is right, how do you do this? I must have the messiest girls in town. I would be ashamed to post pictures of my coop next to yours! Where did you find you nesting boxes? My girls are like yours, all lay their eggs in the same box. Hope you are having a wonderful day, hugs!!

  2. Those gals know how to keep their mansion clean and tidy. LOOK how beautiful your girls are, beautifully feathered!

  3. Love those nice nesting boxes! My girls, bless their feathered little hearts....will almost always lay in the same box!!! I have two in there, and they all wait their turn for ONE box!!! isn't even a nesting box. It is a wine box!!!! A decorative box from Michael's. But, who cares...they are laying every day for me. Once in a blue moon, we get only 4 eggs. I cannot wait to get my chicks next month. I told hubby last night that I wanted 7 more. I want to have 12 total. He just rolls his eyes!!!!

  4. Those girls are so amazing, so nice and tidy.

  5. They all lay their eggs in the same bin? That must be the 'Laying room'. I love the bins, I bet someone with great imagination could think of another use for them. Maybe storage in a country kitchen!

  6. Oh....your chickens are sooo spoiled but I bet they give you the best eggs.

  7. I had know idea a chicken house could be so clean and look so good.
    Your girls sure are good looking!!!

  8. They look so clean. I sure could use some of those. I can't wait to get the winter ick out of my coop.

  9. I've never had chickens but would like to but they won't let us here in our town,,,really dumb since we have no sidewalks and no street lights...but they don't allow any "livestock"....I tried to tell them people in big cities have them in apartments but they would not listen, at all. Another reason I need to move back North and get rural again. I never heard of the you grow your own? How much do you use? Is it for the smell or is there another reason? Your girls are beautiful!

  10. You little hens are so pretty Karen! Don't you just love them! The new nesting boxes are so nice and I got a giggle out of you putting lavender in them! I must give that a try! Do you grow your own lavender? If not, where do you buy it? I know Grace has lots of it!


  11. Your girls are beautiful. Chickens are so entertaining and funny. I have plans to upgrade my coop this year and think your galvanized nesting boxes might be what I need. Couldn't access the site where you got yours. I would love to know where you found them. I live near you, close to Spokane. I'm also curious about the lavender...
    To Sam I Am...I'm not supposed to have 'live-stock', either, even in my rural area, of all the silly things, but if you promise fresh, farm eggs to your neighbors, I bet an exception could be made. It may just be the crowing of a rooster they object to. Some folks don't know that chickens don't crow.


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