Thursday, April 19, 2012



Mary Oliver speaks volumes to me…this is where I am. 

I found my wings, Driving Ms. Daisy’s, (1969 Shasta Trailer) wings that is… They are a perfect fit and are the same as the originals…the screw holes even match!  I am so thrilled with them.  I have lots of polishing to do, so they won’t get put on for awhile…  I will be sure and share them, when they do. 

              v 002

On a personal note, I too am getting my wings…I have a long flight ahead of me but I am up for it.


  1. Those are going to look amazing.I love this quote.
    Are you a pilot in training?

  2. Less than a month to try out your wings!!!!

  3. You are indeed correct...we will soon be on our way to the Mediterranean! What bliss...soaring over the Greek Isles...

  4. I'm so excited for you for both your wings! Miss Daisy will look perfect!! What a find! Did I hear vacation?? Sun?? Have a blast!

  5. GREAT find! Can't wait to see them on Miss Daisy!! You fly FLY!!!

  6. You go girl! I love that quote! Have a great time wherever you go!

  7. I always knew you had 'wings'!
    hugz and see ya this weeknd and next weekend too !
    p.s bring Dashypoo to the Trailer Slumber Party....


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