Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Our Sisters on the Fly Halloween Bash

          Mardon 030

Some decorations were just over the top…Francine’s favorite holiday?  You guessed it.  As a matter of fact, she is an artist who relishes in it…..

Mardon 026

She is working on this piece for a front of a purse, which she will probably sell in Mexico.  Isn’t it unbelievable?

Mardon 027 

You might want to grab a coffee….this is a super long post, hope you enjoy it.

Mardon 034


Mardon 032

Didn’t I say she goes all out?

Mardon 012

Not to be outdone, Kim, also won one of the top awards for decorating….and you can see why.

Mardon 013

She decoupaged this bar tablecloth, the bottle labels….on and on, this gal…. doesn’t let any moss grow under her feet!

 Mardon 014 

And look at the adorable Pendleton Smoky the Bear blanket in her trailer.

 Mardon 015

She has it done in a National Park theme…so adorable. 

Mardon 016


Mardon 008

Some darling trailers, just don’t need a lot of decoration, they are just too cute all on their own. 

Mardon 019


Mardon 020


Mardon 022


Mardon 023Mardon 042

This one has to be seen from three sides….it’s truly amazing.  Mardon 043 Mardon 048

I just love this side!!  It says it all.

Mardon 018

Jen’s new little trailer is getting a top to bottom redo.

Mardon 039 


Mardon 041

I love how her husband cut the table down to give the seating area more room.

Mardon 053

I don’t think I stopped smiling all evening…just too much fun!

 Mardon 055

These two had everyone on the ground, laughing so hard! 

Mardon 061

What Halloween Sisters on the Fly event would be complete without a nun and a witch?

Mardon 054 


Mardon 063 


 Mardon 067 

Mardon 068

This sweetheart with Trixie is Dee Ann from Seattle…it was a blast meeting her and he sweet baby girl.

 Mardon 086


Mardon 097

I just loved the color of Phyllis’ outfit!

 Mardon 100

How about a tooth fairy, a diva, a bunny and influenza? Mardon 077

Our hostess with the mostest…..Connie, thanks for organizing such a fun event!

Mardon 103


Mardon 049

to everyone!


  1. What a brilliant post,
    I'm sure all you gals had a great time I love the outfits.


  2. SO fun!!! Thanks for sharing!!!!
    XO Kris

  3. Great pictures, you sure captured the fun!! Recognized a few but the costumes were fantastic! I need to put this on next years calendar!!

    Hope you are have a great day!!

  4. I have really enjoyed your photos. So funny and creative, that urinal bag is a riot. What a pair. Trailers are amazing and they inspire me to get one. dawn suitcase vignettes xo

  5. Waaaay too much fun! I am kind of jealous :)
    I bet you gals just had a blast!

  6. wonderful post and love all of your pictures!!

    Terry #3106

  7. Loved them all. Thanks for sharing. Have a great week.

  8. Oh my goodness....what a hoot! You have sure found a fun group of gals to hang out with!!!

  9. OMG... I could'nt keep from laughing at all the great costumes. What a fun time you all had. Awesome!!!!!

  10. Karen, I want to go camping with you crazy girls! Love so many things...the smokey the bear blanket, the national park themed camper, the pink camper...the crazy costumes. You girls are nuts and I love it.xo, Cheryl


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