Friday, October 26, 2012

UFO Finish

          maxwell's quilt 004 

Yes, it has taken me about six months, to get this bugger done….opps, this sweet baby crib quilt.  The designs of some of these fabrics were a nightmare to work with.  I tore those circles out eight times on one side and finally realized there was no way I could get them to match.  The were not printed the same going different directions.   I knew that after about five rip outs but being the perfectionist that I am, I thought I could somehow make it work.  Ha!

maxwell's quilt 002

So here it is with all it’s imperfections!  Now Maxwell is almost four months old and won’t see these errors but I envision him looking at it closer, when he’s about eighteen and wondering what was wrong with his Granma K!  My daughter says, he won’t even have it then!  What the heck…..after all my work!

 maxwell's quilt 001

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  1. Did you know that the Amish always built in an imperfection in their quilts? It was because they thought "only God is perfect and not man"!

    Your quilt is adorable. Love the prints. Maxwell will sleep well under this quilt.

  2. It is so cute!!! Love the soothing colors!!!!
    xo Kris

  3. turned out great! I remember when you started it glamping at Gracie's. Memories.....
    Love you..

  4. Doesn't it feel good to get an UFO finished. And such a cute one at that! I have the day off and will be doing some Xmas sewing - grand kids!!

    Have a great weekend!

  5. is just so fun and wonderful!

  6. Beautiful. Just the right size for the little one. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Love the colors. I do hope it will some day be passed down to his children. I love old quilts. I have yet to attempt one.

  8. Made with love, that's the best kind of quilt. I say he'll never notice, but he will still have it:-)

  9. Silly Goose! Max's quilt is wonderful, as are you, Grammy Daisey


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