Friday, January 11, 2013

Thriftin’ Frame

thrift 019
I made this cross stitch many years ago and just didn’t see the extra money in the budget to get a decent frame.  I spent over eight years getting this finished (no, not the entire time!) and always felt it needed a wider ornate frame. 
thrift 013
The picture was an odd size so finding a frame to fit was very difficult…without spending big bucks for a professional made frame.  But recently my thrift store ventures paid off and I found one that fit…perfectly.  It was not cheap, considering it was at a thrift store but it was still going to save me some big bucks.
  frame 001 
I wasn’t very happy with the way this turned out.  I had sanded down areas to give it a worn look and it was just too distracting.  Too busy for the detailed piece.  So I repainted it again leaving a few darker spots…so I can live with it now.  All in all it sure is better than the original.  It might have been better to just leave this frame in the gold antique look but since my bath is so white…..



  1. Oh Karen, I love the words on the cross stitch. You did a beautiful job of stitching and the larger white frame looks wonderful!!

    The fruit and the frame are perfect together.

  2. Good job on the framing. Now aren't you glad you spent the $$ on that big ol' frame at the thrift?

  3. I love it just the way it is, the contrast with the white frame is perfect. Your cross stitch is so sweet and I can sure see why it took so long to complete. I haven't done a cross stitch in over 20 years, but I kept track of how long it took...over 100 hours.

  4. I love the frame. Thanks for sharing. Hugs.

  5. The words are beautiful. The frame
    looks perfect.

  6. I love your cross-stitch, especially the quote.
    Both frames are nice,but I think the gold really stands out.

  7. I think the white frame is great - and repainting it to have it be a consistent tone was a good call - you don't want to detract from your beautiful cross stitch! it all turned out great...

  8. The frame is fantastic. Cross stitch is such a lost art anymore. I never learned how, but I have all the stuff my mom did.


  9. Oh, my word. It's perfect! I love it. It'd waited all these years for the perfect frame. I wish I knew where to find the adorable cross stitch pattern, too!

    Hugs, from 2015!


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