Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Girl Camp 2013

Girl Camp 13 030 (800x600) (2)


I suppose you might have wondered what happened to my blog posts…yeah, I haven’t done any…I am so sorry.  I have been on the road time after time…don’t get me wrong….I love every minute of it.  However, I feel a bit guilty letting you down, I want to keep you posted all the time. 


Girl Camp 13 027 (800x600)


I just had the best time at Girl Camp this last weekend.  Will you join me for a tour of the activities? 


Girl Camp 13 018 (699x800)


It was a celebration of Juli’s ‘sixties’ birthday!  So we all dressed up…..yes, we dressed in sixties' vintage clothing.


Girl Camp 13 055 (800x776)


First thing out of the gate….the blondes! 


Girl Camp 13 050 (800x696)


How cute are they?  That’s Julie B, Patty and Mig. 


Girl Camp 13 142


We were surrounded by phenomenal beauty! Girl Camp 13 143 (800x600)


And we took advantage of it.


Girl Camp 13 023 (800x557)


The birthday girl, Juli, got some fantastic gifts…how clever are these? 


Girl Camp 13 159 (600x800)


On birthday party night, we were invited to dress in our sixties clothes.  The fun is about to begin…..


 Girl Camp 13 170 (577x800)


Here, Carolyn, Marie and Julie put a stamp on the true sixties! 


Girl Camp 13 182 (600x800) (2)


That’s Silvia on the left and I think that might be Janis Joplin on the right….  Flower power…girls!


 Girl Camp 13 165


We are all so taken aback by the great outfits, we all have the cameras out….


Girl Camp 13 201 (600x800)


Groovy man!


 Girl Camp 13 217 (600x800)


Laura Petrey……meets the  chick!


Girl Camp 13 028 (800x600)



Girl Camp 13 177



Girl Camp 13 228 (600x800)



Girl Camp 13 236 (600x800)


Our Hostess, Juli, arrived as Liberace! 


Girl Camp 13 253 (600x800)


Liberace meets Jackie Kennedy. 


Girl Camp 13 249


Girl Camp 13 176 (600x800) (400x534)


Peace, baby, Peace! 


Girl Camp 13 259 (800x600)


Girl Camp 13 262 (800x472)


Can you tell how much fun we had?



  1. Oh, my Lord! What a ball you ladies must have had. You all just look so groovy! :)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  2. Oh Karen, you girls sure know how to have a good time! But where are you in the photos? I love all the costumes!!! And the scenery was stunning!!!! I wish I could come along, each time you post!!!
    XO Kris

  3. How fun- love the outfits! Please don't ever feel like you've let someone down by not posting! Blogging MUST be fun! ♥

  4. Thanks for sharing. You were missed. It looks like you had so much fun and the area looks beautiful.

  5. That must have been a blast! Where do you find a vintage trailer??

    1. Roam the countryside, spot one, leave a note on it or find the owner. I found mine on Craig's List. Good luck.

  6. What fun, great post! Peace & Love. :)

  7. That looks like you had so much fun. Loved seeing all the pictures.

  8. Like WOW man! does this take me back to my ole hippy days.... YOU gals have too much fun!! I am so jealous.

  9. Is it legal to have this much fun? You ladies are amazing...love the outfits.


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