Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Snowy Owl

owl 001

I was so excited when I noticed a Snowy Owl in my yard the last few days.  I saw him once and thought better of letting out my hens.

However, I thought I heard him in my front yard again last night….well apparently I was right.  He arrived again tonight just about 8:30.  The girls had gone to bed.  

This isn’t a good picture but the best I could get at this darkening hour.  I didn’t know we ever could see these around here.  I think they are a rare breed here.


Do you think he is looking at the Eagle on the flag pole across the road?


  1. Fabulous creatures!!! Careful with the hens!!
    XO Kris

  2. Hi Karen, I suspect what you saw was really a great horned owl, they're quite common on the West Plains. Snowy owls are way-y-y up north at their summer grounds. As I write this , a young great horned is vocalizing outside my window.

    1. I actually saw him during the day and he was white and gray. Beautiful!

  3. Yes, I do think Mr. Owl is checking out the flagpole! Have a great Wed.

  4. WOW..Great catch with the lens...


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