Saturday, November 30, 2013

Crazy Colors

a little trip 027


I always wanted to try Kale in the garden but our Fall is often so short I knew they would not last for long.  Little did I know, they are strong survivors.  Ladies don’t they look so lovely.

 a little trip 025


I am so happy I gave them a try…this year.  I put them in the ground in September and yes, the end is very near but they were still blooming in the light snow…today.


a little trip 028


Awesome colors….in a winter scene.


a little trip 026


As it snowed today, I knew these sweet blossoms would be gone so soon but I am very glad I planted them for the first time this year….they are so gorgeous.  I think my girls in the Chicken Mansion will love them too. 


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  1. I love kale and now that I know it will grow here, next year will try it. Are you going to eat it before it freezes up?

  2. Such pretty color. Glad you were able to enjoy. Thanks for sharing. Have a great weekend.

  3. Wow Karen, Your Kale is so beautiful. I love the colors and they are so big. I will surely plant some Kale next year. I showed Mark the pictures too and he said "Yes" to Kale. I have always wanted some because I love the hardy-ness of the plant plus the colors. Thank you for sharing such lovely color for me this morning.


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