Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Karen’s Kamp

karen's kamp 003


A few friends stopped by my place for the weekend…..and the weather was just perfect.


karen's kamp 006


Cool nights, pleasantly warm days….a perfect Fall. 


kennewick 037 (600x800)



 kennewick 038 (600x800)



karen's kamp 005



farm chicks 032



karen's kamp 007 



migs 074



migs 076



karen's kamp 001


Just seven trailers this year and eight gals who did some junkin’ over the weekend.  By the way, the orange and white trailer is the same as mine just a year newer.


 karen's kamp 008


I even provided an in ‘kamp’ garage sale.


  1. Hi Karen. What fun!!!! I would have loved to be there too!!!!! Looks like some pretty good junking' was had!!
    XO Kris

  2. How fun Karen having some friends over for the weekend! And they brought their own bedrooms! Love it! Looks like perfect weather too! xox

  3. Hi Karen, got your note. It's been a long HOT summer. Friday will be heading to have gallbladder surgery. Had an attack in June and have been dealing with it off and on. Time for it to come out. I've been keeping up with you though. Thanks for all the photos and the good times.

  4. It was a perfect end to a perfect summer. Thanks for letting me share in Karen's camp!!

  5. Looks like a fun time. Love the campers. You do such a good job.


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