Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Lost in the 60’s

wenatchee 040


This trailer is so apply named and it’s really fits this post, as you will see many vintage trailers from that era.

 wenatchee 039 


wenatchee 014


Each trailer is so unique.  It’s so much fun to see what each Sister creates.


  wenatchee 015


Isn’t this so homey and inviting!  Don’t you just want to snuggle up and read a book in this bed? 


wenatchee 016 



wenatchee 017 




wenatchee 018


Just love this turquoise!  Don’t you?


 wenatchee 001




wenatchee 002 



wenatchee 020


Several of the gals have figured out a new way to make awnings so they don’t blow down in the breezes.  They are connected to the trailers and the poles fit into items with concrete, with removable poles.  Thus they are weighted down and thus hard to knock down.  I love the use of the cowgirl boots!


 wenatchee 021 



wenatchee 022


I particularly love these old wheels and would love to have one for my trailer. 


wenatchee 024 


 wenatchee 030



wenatchee 025


This trailer took it’s maiden voyage with a new sister, this weekend.


wenatchee 026 



wenatchee 029



 wenatchee 031


I better end this post as it is getting too long and I am out of coffee.  See you again soon with more fun vintage trailers to share. 




  1. These are the best, most unique trailers you've posted so far. Of course I love the lacy comfy one the most!

  2. I just love seeing those trailers. I have to wonder if they put as much effort into their real homes. They are darling. Such a variety of tastes and the Decore. Thanks for sharing. Have fun!

  3. Swoon, swoon, swoon!!!!! Lovin' that turquoise too! But they are all so darling!!!! Someday......
    xo Kris

  4. Karen- I am so happy that you post these sweet little vintage trailers! I always get so excited just looking at them...and remembering when those things were NEW when I was a kid! What fun! Thanks! xo Diana

  5. Thanks for sharing Karen..I never get tired of seeing how ingenious the "Girls on the Fly" can be outfitting their trailers...So cute!!!

  6. Wow! Thanks for more awesome pics of a wonderful campout! xox

  7. just another weekend in Paradise, eh? Happy Trails dear friend...

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