Thursday, September 4, 2014

She’s Back

ms d 001


Yep, she’s finally home after spending time at the trailer hospital. 


ms d 002


The repairman did wonderful job with the dents… for some paint touchups.  He replaced all the dry rotted wood around the bottom of the trailer, as well, as the back corners, inside and out. 

 ms d 003


The best part…the door.  It doesn’t look any different but it is now solid and closes so nicely.  And after all that work, the lock still works fine…..yay!


 ms d 004


The door was so dry rotted that it flapped as I drove down the road…not good.  Yes, that’s new diamond plate on the front.  ‘Driving Ms. Daisy had been patched over the years with several different kinds of siding and was in bad shape.  This looks much better and will keep the rocks from chipping. 

I am heading out this morning for Wenatchee, Wa. to spend the weekend with some Sisters on the Fly and visit with my Grand Daughter and my Great Grandson, Gunner, who just turned two.  It will be so fun to have my ‘baby’ back….and to see the little one. 

Have a great weekend and check in next week, as it’s time for Karen’s Kamp, again.  You’ll have to check out all the vintage trailers visiting my place here in Cheney, WA. 


  1. Have a great time in Wenatchee. Love you, S

  2. You have a great time camping!! I'm headed out myself for a wonderful weekend camping with Sisters! I brought home a 1961 PRYM. It is a project trailer but the price was right, free! Can't seem to find a thing on the internet about her. Now the decisions begin!! Humm, what color, stay original of Glamper her up!!!

  3. Looks so wonderful!!! I know you are glad to have her back, have a fun safe time!!

  4. So glad Driving Miss Daisy had a great hospital stay and is Better than new!! Can;t wait to see you next week..... have a wonderful weekend, You Deserve It!!

  5. I'm glad you have your baby back. Enjoy your trip. I'm sure now that she has been rehabbed she might be a little safer? Sounds like it may have been time for a little overhaul. Stay safe.


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