Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Crafty Weekend

crafting 001


It all started with banners…  A bunch of crafty/talented ladies got together for a fun weekend in Prosser, WA. with the intention of crafting banners and whatever else met our fancy.


  crafting 005


And we did indeed.


crafting 002 


We even got sidetracked a few times.




How’s this for getting sidetracked?  Pantaloons….sweet!  And no these were done ahead of time….heehheee.


 crafting 008







crafting 020


I’m not done with mine yet but will be working on it again today.


crafting 013


Of course, we ate well, too!


crafting 009




 crafting 010


We made some bling!


 crafting 015


Good stuff…homemade cheesecake and power tools!


crafting 001


I made some cards.


  crafting 002



crafting 005


A necklace.


crafting 004


One of the gals made this cute little trailers and we got to add whatever charms we wanted…how fun!







  1. Some very fun creations. You ladies overwhelm with your talents.

  2. What fun!!! You have just the best times with your friends. I think I live on the wrong coast!!!!

  3. Oh Karen you had way to much fun!!! Love your necklace and your almost done banner! Nothing like time with friends! xox


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