Friday, March 6, 2015

Floral Fridays



I just love old seed catalogs….they are just so beautiful.  And this is just the right time of year for dreaming about all those pretty plants you want in your garden.


SIL08-09537-b (526x800)


What kind of tomatoes are you going to plant?


SIL08-09557-b (575x800)


I would love to have some Morning Glories in my garden this year.


SIL08-09470-b (800x627)


Fresh greens from the garden always taste so wonderful.




One of my all time favorites, Star Gazer Lilies.  They just smell divine. 


SIL08-09558-a (570x800)


What seeds are you planting this year?


  1. What BEAUTIFUL old graphics, Karen. I just LOVE those old seed catalogs. There is one new one that still looks OLD and it is my favorite one to look at. Not sure what I am planting this is going to be a strange summer around here with the things going on. xo Diana

  2. I also love those old seed catalogs!

  3. Very cool pictures! Not sure what I'll be planting this year.

  4. Lovely Karen..I was going to plant Morning Glories until I found out how invasive they are...Happy weekend

  5. These are so bright and cheery! I love old Seed Packets and pictures of them... I just love to gaze at them.. I especially love the one of the lillies... how pretty! I found some seed packet type fabric at a quilt shop in Bend last year and I'm hoarding it. I should use it for something but just love looking at it so may just keep it to look at.. of course would make a neat summer quilt too. Thank you for some brightness.

  6. what am I planting this year,,, any and everything the Deer like to eat! lololol! But I will start out with mammoth sunflowers...they always make me smile! lol!


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