Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Paper Crafts

sharon 002


Thanks to my friend, Sharon, for this beautiful homemade card.  You are the best.  Sorry posting is so late but I have not been feeling well since my birthday on Saturday.  Hope that turns around soon.

I so love that you taught me this craft…it is always so fun and calming.  You taught me so much creativity…I love watching you create.  I just may give it a try today.  Hugs.


  1. Happy Birthday from Saturday! Sorry you aren't feeling well....

    That is a beautiful card! One of my friends creates cards and it's always fun to receive one!

  2. That is a beautiful card, Karen. I certainly hope you feel better soon. There is so much going around this is just crazy! xoDiana

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  4. I love our craft days together and hope we can have another one real soon. Please get well. I worry!

  5. What a precious card! Happy belated birthday to you Karen, I hope you're feeling 100% better real soon.

  6. Such a pretty card! I hope today is a better day for you and you are able to do some paper crafting. Baby steps sweet Karen. This is a time for recovery. Love you tons! xox

  7. What a beautiful card! Sharon does WONDERFUL papercrafting! I've been the fortunate recipient of several of her creations!
    Sorry you're not feeling well . . . been concerned for you and praying for you!
    HUGS and LOVE to yoU!

  8. Beautiful card...I make them as well...Fun and time consuming..Hope you are soon feeling better Karen.

  9. oh it is a beautiful card Karen..


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