Thursday, April 7, 2016

Sorry I Have Been So Remiss...

Life just keeps happening...sheesh!  Why is that?  Just over a bout of the flu (haven't been sick in ages) so I am dreaming of the out-of-doors again.  This was taken at White Bird, ID, as was the new header, on a recent trip there.

My daughter, Tracy and I will be taking off with the grands for a quick camping trip this weekend.  She has quit work after the birth of her daughter, now three and a half months old, so she has the time to try out her new vintage trailer.  Yay!  Daddy will join us on Saturday after work. 

See you all next week and once I get my camera back from White Bird, I will be posting again!  Yep, left it in my trailer...ha!


  1. I've missed your posts! Glad to see you're well and going back to your adventures. Please post pictures of your daughter's vintage trailer, my DH and I want to find one and possibly reno or find one already refurbished.
    LOVE your header picture and the barn and shed picture.

  2. Sounds like a wonderful time....a Mother/Daughter/Baby camping trip. What could be better? Love that gorgeous blog header and photo of the barns. x Karen

  3. Beautiful pictures !!! Trip sounds like fun...Enjoy your weekend

  4. Oh Karen,,, great minds think alike,,, you-flu, me-cold... lol! Happy birthday/camping weekend oh and check your p.o. box on Monday... just sayin'... :>)

  5. Oh gosh, I am sorry to hear you have been sick. I can identify, as I spent most all of the winter not feeling well. I am so excited your daughter got a trailer too! How fun to go together!!!
    We got a trailer and took it out for our first time over the weekend, just close by. We had a ball! And cannot wait to go again!
    Feel better!!!
    xo Kris


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