Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Glamping on the River Continued

Happy Camper Girls all snuggled in their beautiful vintage trailers getting ready to bed down for the night, on the Salmon River in Idaho.

It was Cinco De Mayo weekend and we decorated our trailers and everywhere we could find with the traditional Mexican flavor.

We ate our meals here and it was a great place to congregate.   

We enjoyed the Salmon River at every opportunity, as our little vintage trailer sat along the river.  

This is my Shasta 1400, Driving Ms. Daisy who has been in winter was so good to see her again.  

What a wonderful Spring we are having!  

Don't you wish you were here to enjoy this?

I love all the different trailer designs and colors.

The scenery isn't half bad either!


  1. Great photos, as usual, thanks for sharing them!

  2. The bright colors of the trailers are but sherberts, themselves visions of Spring. Beautiful.

  3. I do wish I could be there! Beautiful place and darling campers!

  4. Oh... How I'd love to come see you all and your gorgeous trailers! I am in Utah soo close.

  5. This looks like so much fun and everyone is so festive with their decor!

  6. A sure sign of spring!! Good times !!!

  7. What fun.....awesome pictures...I want to be there!

  8. looking forward to hitchin' up with you all,, who knows,,, maybe later next year!!! Just sayin'...
    hugz to you and Dash.


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