Saturday, August 23, 2008

What a lazy bum I am today! I did not get out of bed until 8:30, I can't believe it! I am usually up at 5:30. Guess I needed the rest. It has cooled down and feels like fall so I guess I am thinking of hibernating already. Anyway, Tracy and I finished up the floor in the second bedroom upstairs today as I have decided to get new carpeting for that room as well as the sewing room. It will all be done on Monday! Yeah! I will be ready to move everything in but will not have a sewing table. Darn. I have been looking for garage sales but I guess people are thinking more about back to school etc as there are very few around. Eastern Washington University (here in Cheney) has a sale coming up the first of the week and usually it is school furniture etc so maybe there will be some kind of big table I could use. Hopefully, not too heavy to get upstairs.
I am selling my totes and quilted purses starting at $39.00 , so if anyone is interested I will give you a quote on your choice. Well, I am off to mow my two acres!


  1. kAREN,
    Your totes really are nice. Don't know when you have time to sew with all the work going on at your house!
    We were in St. Lucia about 20 years ago. I wonder how much it has changed since then.
    Post some pictures of your house sometime I would love to see it.

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