Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I'm moving!

My sewing room is done and I am moving upstairs. My old office looks huge without the big Hoosier (Kitchen Queen) in the corner filled with sewing notions. It really is a small bedroom off the kitchen but it's only me so I use all the bedrooms for my 'special' rooms. So I am going through all my sewing stuff and making a pile to barter or sell on the Internet. Some of this stuff is from the mid 70's when I was a needlework buyer in Seattle. That's how bad! It's not a lot as I have gone through this before. Some old needlework mags and books, bias tape, fabric, misc. notions, embroidery kits, cross stitch phamphlets, Liesure Arts, macrame booklets, vintage lace, old embrodered card table cloths, and more! So I have my work cut out for me (so to speak). I do not have a sewing table as I used my computer table before. I put a bid in on another smaller computer table at EWU junk store yesterday and will know on Thursday if I got it. If not, than whatever left over table they might have should work. I now have a table to cut out fabric, no more using the kitchen table! So nice not to have that mess greeting everyone as they walk in my back door.
No word from the concrete guy, but it has been raining so I guess he has an excuse, however, if he keeps this up it will be too late as our weather has turned pretty cool. I smell fall and I love it. I really want to turn on the heat as it stays really cool in this 100+ year old house, but I will hold off . So on that note I am going off to take a tub! Ohhhh, warm.

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