Monday, September 15, 2008

The family way

Had a family get together this weekend in Seattle where it was announced that Tracy and Malachi are expecting a baby in May. We are all so excited! Can't wait! Oh, to have a little one around again!
It was your typical beautiful summer day in Seattle. Lovely weather. Had not seen everyone since our trip to Brazil in March so it was fun to catch up a bit.
Working on patching the sheetrock in the office today and hope to get it ready to prime tomorrow. Lot of appointments tomorrow so won't have much time to finish it. My baby boy, Dash was all alone for the weekend and when we returned he ignored me and ran to visit with Tracy and Malachi! I guess I am being punished for leaving him. He did not eat much when I was gone so it is a good thing I did not stay away long. He is very happy now, especially since the concrete guys really did show up today. He thinks he has some more friends to play with.
They have poured the porch, stairs and sidewalk and will be finishing it with a pattern and color any minute now. Hope I like it after waiting all this time.

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  1. congratulations to your family on the new addition.
    oh I'd love to have some holly hock seeds thanks for the offer.
    and thanks for stopping by my blog. Tina


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