Thursday, January 8, 2009

My newly painted dining room


  1. Karen,
    the color you choose is so warmmmm...I love the color you painted, and I have to giggle,,,I too probablly have sordid 'dust' behind my pictures...I am just to afraid to look! lol!
    Yeah! I also see grass and even the tips of my lavender plants..I just hope they are surviving these horrible winds!

  2. Lavender is a tough plant. I have two, one in the frost zone on the side of my garage and the other right in the driveway area. Half the time I drive on part of that one as it is getting too big for that area. I had a new slab and walkway put in this last fall so I will be moving some plants, maybe that one too. Glad you survived this nasty.....

  3. Karen,
    What nice pictures. Love the paint color. Your house looks really nice. The outside pictures too.

  4. Lovely job on the dining room! It looks so warm and inviting. And congrats on soon to be new family baby, That's always great news.


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