Thursday, January 8, 2009

I see green

Grass! I see green grass! It is still there. Unbelievable. About 3 feet of snow has melted. Major meltdown. There are many skating rinks around, making driving a bit tedious. However, the wind it blowing and drying things out. So if the rain and snow hold for a bit longer we may skate on through this. I don't want to skate anymore this winter.
I got my dining room painted yesterday in what I call Cinnamon and I love it. It is a bit darker and brighter than the color (same family) I had in there before. Feels so good to freshen up my surroundings. I always dust my picture frames but had no idea how much dust was behind the frames! It was a shock. I suppose most of this comes from the furnace and our dusty fields in the summer. I'll post a pic later, not of the dust, the dining room. :)

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