Wednesday, January 14, 2009


I took to wandering through the house today. I would seriously like to declutter but it is so hard to part with certain things. I guess this happens when you get old. The longer you have some things, the more memories you have about them. For example, in the picture above there is a wood mask that I bought when I went on a cruise through the Panama Canal with my family. I believe I got it in San Juan, Puerto Rico. I can picture the shop and the quaint street, even to this day. That was about 30 years ago.
The framed labels on the other wall were collected in the 80's and are much older than that. The Black Swan is a label from Sweden, the next is a Big Wolf 5 cent cigar label from Cinncinati, and the lower is Swan Apples from Yakima, Wa. I remember when I was little in the 50's I would go to the cigar store near my house and buy 5 cent cigars(not the above brand) from a yellow box for my Grandpa. So that label is real old, like me. :) Certainly wouldn't see a child going in and buying a cigar these days.

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