Monday, January 26, 2009

Obsessed with yarn

It's ok to be obsessed, with yarn, or fabric, or sewing, or crafting, or painting. Oh, you get the idea. Obsess all you want! It's a super high to create something new. Have at it!
I spent all day yesterday trying to find a pattern for my new organic cotton yarn. This yarn is interesting in that it grows this color (slight green cast) naturally. There are several colors and they all grow naturally in soft natural shades. I want to make an afgahn and the thick, thin yarn is bulky and does not really fit most patterns. Finally found what I wanted in a new magazine (first issue) called Love of Knitting by Fons and Porter. There are two cable pillows that I liked also.
So I started the afgahn last night. That ball has 650 yds on it so with the five skeins I got @$7 each I made a killing! A regular skein in the local store was only 325 yards and $19 each. I love saving money and getting what I want! :) See you later, I am off to knit.

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