Sunday, February 22, 2009

It took me 35 years....

but I am back to embroidery! It has been a very long time but once I got the basics back I did just fine. Here is my first dish towel. Off to start the mate.


  1. Good for you!!! It's never to late to start over again! Sweet towel!

    Farmgirl Hugs,
    Maryjane Lee #44

  2. That came out really cute. I love dish towels.
    Of course your BAGS are amazing.

  3. I like that design, looking forward to your next one.

  4. Boy does that bring back memories for me...I use to love doing tea towels for my grandmother....well that was a different time. Glad you found your way back...

  5. Thank you (bowing) thank you ladies, I just need something to work in my hands at all times. I bought some Earth shoes recently and kept the cloth bags they came in. I took one apart last night and I am going to embroider on it to put my seeds in. I found a real cute scarecrow.


"Life is a big canvas, and you should throw all the paint on it you can." Danny Kaye

So throw some paint at me!! Thanks and come back soon! :)