Friday, March 20, 2009

March green

I just had to hit you with a little more green before the month is over! I made a couple of 100% cotton potholders and some matching dish cloths. Lime green and brown is one of my favs these days and it suits the Irish in me! I have quite a 'pot o' gold' (heritage), English, Irish, Scottish, German, and French. The biggest cut is 1/4 Scottish, which probably is responsibile for my 'cost cutting ways'. Ha! I have to thank my Grandma for that, she came to North America at the age of 14, with her father. I just can't imagine what that was like for her. Such a daring thing to do. Even in this day and age I can't imagine leaving home to live clear on the other side of the world with literlly no idea where I would live or work. It is mind blowing. Miss you Grandma!


  1. Love you new items...great colors...

  2. Your Grandma sounds like a strong, brave, and adventurous woman. What a blessing to have had her in your life.
    Happy Spring.

  3. luv ur crocheted cloths....I too like the "zest' of lime just has such a sassy attitude.
    DH & I will be playing in the Man Cave~once again working on the trailer....Keep your fingers crossed for nice yours & our plants can start sprouting/budding.


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