Saturday, April 4, 2009

Antique store find

I just had a strong urge to thrift today. I headed to a nice thrift store in Spokane and was surprised at the prices, they had jumped a lot. Still lots of people there but I really didn't see anything except some kitchen utensils that it turns out I could not buy as they were not marked and were consignment. ? Not sure what that was all about in a thrift store. So I left empty handed and still had the urge. So I headed to my favorite antique store with reasonable prices and I always find something there. And here is one such item...Well actually two... for $25. These are original silkscreen prints the artist Marguerite (Margo) Alexander (1894-1965 California) Some of her work is listed currently at auction in New Orleans. I am pretty pleased as these will go great with the new (old 40's look I am going to make up as a quilt)fabric that is listed below. Then I got a lampshade to match that wonderful 40's turquoise/green color in the pics and fabric. Now all I have to find it the lamp base from the 50's and I will be set to make up new decor for the upstairs bedroom!

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