Friday, May 1, 2009

I just couldn't wait any longer...

Here it is nearly Mother's day and we still can't plant here! I just broke down and bought some flowers which I will have to take in and out of the house to protect until I can plant. I was afraid that if I wait too long they will either all be gone or it will get real hot real quick and they will all be nasty looking. So this is what I got. I am going to put most of this in pots this year. The color purple (not the movie, :D ) seems to be popular this year so I am going for the dark pinks, lavender and white. I bought two new pots last fall for the front porch and they will look great with the new plants. I also bought some geraniums in white and dark pink. It's just a start, which reminds me I should have started my squash seeds inside already! What to do? Too late now.

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