Thursday, May 21, 2009

Trailer Trash is here....

And she is a real mess! I started deconstruction immediately. As you can see she has some dryrot (not unexpected) so much so that the framing around the door is completely gone. So I need to reframe that area today so I can remove the door (need to make a new one). Trailer construction is so different from home construction, so flimsy! I want to make it like a house so I will have to hold back some....:D. I will add more insulation, as it will get really hot in there in the summer. I am tearing out almost all of the paneling as it is water damaged. So far the dry rot is not too bad. We shall see what I get into. I have opened up the ceiling area around the air vent and removed all the paneling there and no dry rot, I could not believe it! That is usually the worst spot. Well, off I go into never never land.....yes, I probably shouldn't have done this, as there will be no camping this summer(?). But maybe we are not having summer afterall. It was 90 last weekend but freezing last night....


  1. haha! lil miss T.T. is in good hands,,,,,I swear, every time I turn around I hit my heard in the Scotty,,,we are thinking of calling the Scotty, "LO" for "lights Out" cuz everytime I turn around I hit my head,,,haha! lights out!
    I will have to pop over soon and see T.T. before you get up to your eyeballs in de-construction! lol!
    Isn't fun? You'll have her back together in no time soon.

  2. Karen, It looks like you've got quite a bit of a grand project ahead of you. I'll be waiting to see updates :)

    oh, and I have a bunch of fun rusty finds for you anytime you want them.

  3. Oh, wow, rusty finds are always GOOD! Thanks so much, maybe when I get this trailer done I could bring her down and find a fun spot for an overnighter, maybe Michele, Amy, and you could join me for a cuppa joe. :D

  4. Lots of hard work ahead but how wonderful the results will be!!

    Hope to see you soon..well, in July, anyway!

  5. Oh, I forgot to tell you, I started a couple of curly willows for you so hopefully they'll have enough roots by the time I see you in July!


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